JavaMan Jun 28, 2009
In a certain sense, very interesting. It's not talked about much, but many 'meta-cognitive' types come to the same conclusion as you did. It is, in all practice, a nearly impossible task to define 'love' or even actualize 'love' in a pure sense. It is a very recent idea actually that there is only one pure form of love however. Peoples of long ago would define all sorts of constructive attachments - as opposed to addictions - as love. The Greeks have a basic five versions model. In less industrialized cultures and times, men and women who would normally be paid for'discrete services'.... would often work in temples of physical love. The preisthood of Venus is an example.

Personally, I think the idea of attachment (addiction etc.) in the Buddhist sense is why many people have a hard time defining what true love is.

Please write more - your thoughts are interesting...:)