Confession Salvation 4

Published by Shizai Ko in the blog The Purple Sin Child. Views: 103

No strength left. I have exhausted my body, my mind, my spirit. The only thing left is this blood, drenched in a pool of it. Even my reflection is gone. I am nothing. All I have acquired is nothing. All of what I am is nothing. So this is it. I feel so blank. It is only you and me. I like this. Its so simple. I have nothing holding me back, nothing to hide from. I remember this feeling, it was what I used to be. That was... that was yesterday. So who will I become now. Resolution is still a foreign place, still so far. I am my beginning, that beginning of what I am. This one last thing, you want from me. This mask, this fake color, the illusion that fooled so many people including myself. I am nothing without it, but I was nothing from the beginning. So here.
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