Conflict due to depletion of resources (Nearover RPG) Water resources

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The Draycon suffer bands of mountain thieves often being of Tortai descent, they hold up the mines and rob them slaughtering the miners.

Rune stones and Relics/Relic dolls are commonly fought over. It has been the major cause of the Heckling, Draycon war.


Water resources

The Heckling, collect water by digging for it at the bases of trees, or creating damned caves, to collect what little water they have. They also have found use of hardy trees with cup like leaves that one can drink collected rain water from. The Heckling have one major river called the Sanigee river at the summer periods of the year, this river will dry up and drought will ensure. Hecklings loose great numbers of their population through drought.

Human and Tortai

Often make man made streams branching off of rivers. They create large crude stone damns where the population is large enough to need it. Most villages with a population of more then twenty five people will have wells. The humans and the Draycon share the Herrat river the shallow depths lake and the Glaude river. As do the Draycon

The Draycon have constructed large damns equipped with machinery called water wells, used to bring up large buckets of water. They carve seep wells from stone and often create manmade waterfalls that bring water inside the city to large stone ponds.
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