confrontation rears its ugly head

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My good friend and I planned a trip to the states to go early x-mas shopping.

She then proceeded to tell me (a few days later) that she was going in the middle of october and wont be going again. she wants to go to this one concert with her sister, and if I can make it great, if not then you're out of luck.

So needless to say, the day she picked I could not go. I told her it was ok. It wasn't.
I was so fuming mad that she blew our plans off to go do something different with someone else.

To top it all off, she called me and asked me to babysit while she was out of town.

I dreamt about how mad I was.....for weeks I stewed over it. Today I finally talked to her about how frusterated I was. the moment I told her I felt soooooo much better. It didn't matter what her response was (which was guilt and apologies) I just felt like I finally acted like the adult I knew I was.

Does anyone else have confrontation issues?
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