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Consolidation or Diversity?

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 186

In conspiracy theories, one of the major reoccurring themes is an attempt to bring all things under a singular rulership- or the rulership of a single class of people. But this isn't really conspiracy it is history. All the great rulers and conquerors are consolidators. They gathered up numerous peoples and forced them into a singular unit under their control- give or take some liberties. even now, it is clear that consolidation is a clear pattern from the beginning of recorded history. As the means with which we are connected advanced, so everything will be drawn together and through cultural diffusion and the intermingling or material or metaphysical ideas, thoughts, emotions, dreams, and all that, everything is headed towards a more general consolidation.

But that brought to me one seen I remember clearly. I am not usually backing the bible but I remember the Babylonian story well. It showed how God saw the consolidation of the races of the world into building a single monument in a single city as somehow evil and threatening and he destroyed it and scattered them. I thought this was undeniable proof of a wicked god against humanity. but the more I think about it I was wondering...what if the story isn't telling it how it was. Was that social system a euphoric one or were most of the people slaves building a grand monument for the glory of a few rulers at the top who ruled over all with absolute power...and perhaps cruelty? If that is the case, then the usurpers were not the people but the rulers who attempted world control and were erecting a temple, as it seems, to themselves as though they were gods. And God, seeing that, destroyed this wickedness and scattered the people into many peoples. The moral seems to be that there is a merit in variety. It prevents the atrocity of the dangers of a single state being controlled by a single authority. With all the world at your command...how is that not corrupting down the line?

But this is all specualtion and just another one of my thoughts. Wht do you think?
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