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Consort Needed

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In the land of the dragons the ruler is always passed down to the females, so they always have a Queen. The royal bloodline is followed, but whoever is the strongest and smartest of the females is chosen. If there are no females, then the previous queen takes over till there is one available.

If you are queen you need to have three things. The first is intelligence. Then strength of course . But a consort too? A consort is the queen’s advisor, her lover, father of her future heirs, and so on. Each queen has to find him before her 3500 year as queen. Otherwise she forfeits the Crown to her back-up heir.

The queen on the thrown now is Luna Solaria Cynaxia Orinda Dracaena Croatia Folaares the daughter of Aurora Malta Yuima Sauna Hera So Mallivona Folaares. She is the direct descendant of the glorious dragon god, Lothander Orator Solaris Lunen Raxerion Draconian Folaares. They each have seven names because Lothander was born from and given a name for each sun their world has. So, it became a tradition to name any child born into the royal family with seven names.

But that is their royal name; they have a shortened name for everyday use. The Queen’s is just Queen Luna, her mother, Aurora, and so on. For the everyday names they just use the first name the dragon child is given. But even those sound a little weird compared to human names. Also when a dragon takes a Consort, they take their last name and it is put before the Queen's last name. A Folaares has always sat on the throne.

Every race of supernatural beings, be it dragons to fairies, have a power source and a weakness. Like the werewolves worship Luna, yet can be killed with her color, silver. But, dragons absorb energy from each of their suns. So, their weakness is simple, keep them away from solar energy. Each of their suns has a different color.

The colors are aqua, crimson, silver, violet, black, bronze, and gold. Each dragon is a different color according to his or her different colors and they take energy from the corresponding colored sun. The royal family has always had more than one color in each of their offspring. With more colors come more power and therefore more responsibility and control.

Queen Luna is the first of her lineage since the dragon god, Lothander, to have all seven colors. So, it means that she is as powerful as him because she can take energy from all seven suns. The means you can't kill her and that if she ever took energy from all seven suns at the same time then she would be the next dragon god.

Why doesn't she do that?, you might ask. Simple, it is bad enough that she has to rule a kingdom, along with her traitorous family members wanting the throne, but also she has to deal with the Council Of Seven. Pompous old wind bags that they are, they have her follow every custom or they will make life hell for her. Including the tradition of finding a Consort before her 3500 year.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Consorts are always humans. Humans because their genes are so weak that the dragon genes easily overpower them. So, the offspring are always dragons.

You can start feeling sorry for whatever human gets stuck with that job now. After all the most powerful dragon ever to exsist since the first dragon, the dragon god himself and that is where our story begins.

Chapter One

Gabriel Wrath stared at his ceiling in boredom. Something was missing, no matter what he did it always ended up being really boring after learning everything there was to know about it.

He knew ten languages, could speak, write, and read them. He had a masters in business and law. He had an architect degree, and a bachelors in engineering. He had been valedictorian all through his school days. He had gotten into Harvard and ivy league through a fully paid scholarship. He was deeply involved in any thing that dealt with politics. But no matter what he did it got boring after a while. Still something was always missing.He just couldn't figure out what it was.

At one point in his 32 years of living, he had tried to get a wife or even a girlfriend but something was always missing. Like a spark somewhere inside refused to be lit unless something and/or someone lit it. It was like he himself could not light it. He would just have to wait for it to be lit. And no matter how much he learned or how much he made would do anything to change that. Besides if it would stop the emptiness if only for a moment he would give every bit of money he had ever made and hand to the next guy over. But, he had already tried that and all he got was a bit of reprieve from the boredom as he got it back within five years.

He got up and padded to his dresser, opened the top drawer and grabbed a pair of socks. He went back and sat at the foot of his bed. He then pulled on his sneakers and grabbed his jacket. A walk would do him good, maybe he would see something new. That always cheered him up some.


Queen Luna sighed at the chaos around her. When would they learn, she thought. Kaven, the Aqua master was bellowing at Mal, the Bronze master. Syra, the Crimson master was throwing fireballs at Ven, the Black master. And so on. The Council of Seven, the greatest masters of each of the seven suns were acting like fledglings. Again.

And all over the fact that they were worried about the fact that her 3500 year would be approaching in two years. Which meant that she needed to find her Consort before that happened. Luna snorted at her own thought. As if she wanted another person to deal with. Whoever said that great Queens never want to be Queens should be roasted by the flames of the Crimson sun and then skewered with the Silver sun's drops.

She grinned at Syra, who had finally landed a fireball on Ven. Who then yelped and fired shadows back at her, but missed. These are my advisers, she thought, who are less mature than I ever was. "Enough," she said as the shadow ball knocked over Kinder, the Gold master, who had been quietly thinking in his seat. Poor innocent dragon was actually trying to help and he gets shadowed.

The masters quieted and all sat back down, waiting for her verdict. They might be advisers but she was still Queen. At least if she can find her Consort within two years. "I am going to start the search for him tonight," she continued. "If I don't find him then my Crown will go to Alva," she stopped as everybody shuddered at the mere thought.

Luna might not always listen to them but she was a good Queen and she at least asked their opinion and point of view. Plus, she was a great friend. Alva was a spoiled, self-centered, cruel, vain and stupid dragon who only thought of what she wanted. Definitely not Queen material.

"Do you need any assistance my Queen?," asked Aki, the Silver master. Luna looked at her favorite Council member and smiled. At least someone is not panicking, she thought. "No, not with the search, at least not yet," She answered. "What I do need help with is watching over my Crown and Throne while I am gone."

The Council of Seven stood as one; all playfulness, anger, childishness, and self-thought gone. They then bowed and said as one: "We are the advisers, the informants, the helpers, and if need be the guardians of the Throne and Crown; you have no need to worry."

Queen Luna smiled at her annoying advisers, her friends and her true family since her mother died. "I never doubted for a second."
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