Conspiracy Theory

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Just something I threw together for some silly fun.

Conspiracy Theory

Area 51, the government facility made famous by such films as Independence Day. What most people don’t know is that Area 51 is itself a conspiracy! That’s right. The conspiracy theory is a conspiracy. What could the conspiracy be you ask. I’ll tell you. Area 51 is just a cover for Area 52! Yep that’s right. Area fifty flipping two. Everyone is so preoccupied with Area 51 they never both looking on the other side of the parking lot.

Who is behind the Area 51 conspiracy you ask? The US government that’s who! How do I know? Fox Mulder told me. Yep the X-Files are real. The TV show is just a cover so no one will ever believe Fox. I met him at a science fiction convention. The X-Files stand by coincidence. I swear he really looks like the actor from the show. Seriously though, he was so mad that he was laughing as he told me the story!

Believe it or not almost every TV show is a cover up by the government to discredit anyone who tries to rat them out. Star Gate? Really happened. Michael Shanks and MacGyver work for the government going through a giant metal ring to fight aliens regularly! I know. Just go to Vancover Canada. The whole scheme is cleverly hidden as a studio set!

Yep the US government does it, sometimes the British and the French help too. National Treasure was a co-authored work of non-fiction written by President Reagan, Queen Elizabeth, and Francois Maurice Adrien Marie Mitterrand with help from Stephen King and Tom Clancy. What’s that? Two of those people weren’t presidents when National Treasure came out? Though, luck! All movie scripts are written forty years before they’re ever put in production. Star Wars Episode XXII? Already written. Spoiler: Luke Skywalker’s dead by the year 3405 BY!

How is all this achieved you ask? George Washington wrote the first movie script in 1779. By then he was already president. Did you know every election is decided ten years in advanced by the Knights Templar and Oprah! Yes, Oprah is that powerful. She’s been picking US presidents for over 400 years. The first president was Edward Maria Wingfeld, president of Jamestown in 1607!

Oprah even picked Kennedy then had him assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. Yep Harvey did. How did he do it? He had a clone shoot Kennedy from the Grassy Knoll and then the original took the fall!

Clones are real. How do you think George W. Bush was created? The clone didn’t like how the original ended Iraq so he cloned the Gulf War too. How did we learn to clone?

Even the Gulf War is a conspiracy. They’re not playing Golf over there. If they were, America would have won already cause we have Tiger Woods. Its as much a travesty as the Hundred Years War, which is actually two Fifty Year Wars that just happened to be back to back. This manipulation history is horrible and as much a conspiracy as Area 51.

Why would someone make two Fifty Year wars one Hundred Years War you ask? For the same reason the Germany was bankrupt at the end of WWII. Nazi gold!

You see it all goes back to the X-Files and the crazy super powerful forces trying to conquer the world. Everyone says it’s the Illuminati or the CIA, but no. Its GOD! Christians like the whole love and respect thing but we all know what it real is. A front, so some alien entity can rule us all! Think about, he always knows where you are, he hears everything you think and say, and he has an army of angels following you around everywhere you go! It’s the ultimate conspiracy!
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