GrahamLewis Dec 21, 2017
Snow and palm trees sounds like an interesting combination. Up here in the north we've gotten only a trace of snow, with a tad more expected today. Not what it usually has been, or even was last year. Here, when it gets cold it gets brown, so the snow is a welcome sight. Ice, not so much, but one copes. Funny how what seems like biting cold in September is a welcome break in January. I am always amused when kids from warmer climes show up at the local U, and refuse to believe that the lake will freeze so solid that cars can drive on it. But they learn it's true, and by January they happily participate in the traditional snowball fight.

It's all good, whether we see that or not.

Blessings to all, because at some level all are struggling (I think). Thanks for the post.
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