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We run contests periodically. After the contest closes we'll have a voting booth with the top ten contestants. I decided to write this brief blog post to let you know - for future reference - what might increase your chances of making it to the top ten.

1. Plot and Characterization

The #1 thing I look for when reading through the contest entries is a good story. I want something that will capture me; I want to read something unique that is simply well written. Be creative and innovative. Write something that hasn't been written before. Make the characters real.

2. Technicalities

The second thing I look for is good spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Nothing will hurt your chances in one of our contests more than a (grammatically) poorly written story. To be more correct, I don't look for grammar errors - they seem to find me. Proof read, please. This will increase your chances exponentially. Look for misspellings and missed punctuation. Make sure the formatting is also well structured.

3. Paint me a Picture

Among other things I look for, one thing is imagery and description. In this "stage" I'm not only looking for a good idea or good grammar, but simply good writing. Writing style and flow are important. Use colorful description. Change up your wording a bit. "He said she said," said I, gets tiring.

There are obviously other things I look for when reviewing, but these are the big three.

Remember - I don't want you to write "just another story." I want you to write something I will remember.
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