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Published by Jay Scarlett in the blog Jay Scarlett's blog. Views: 171

*walking down the hallway*
It has been two weeks since I started school and you could say everything is going normal. Maybe because I have avoided some student that I felt they wanted trouble, in other words I avoid everyone. Its not like I done want any friends it's just that I feel it is better this way and this past days I have felt weird. My dreams seem more real and intense. Some are good dreams the others are just nightmares that wakes me up in pain and crying. Since that has bein happening Alexa has being keeping me company at all times. She also has said that the time I have being waiting for is coming and that maybe those dreams are just not dreams at all. That made me think even more. If they are not dreams and if they are my memories........
"ugh, my head"
everything is more intense and more out of this world comparing it beside how I have being living these past months.

Next day:

Alexa: * thinking* I wonder when the day will come when she remembers everything or when her powers return. She has been having dreams of her life before we came to this planet. Yet she was the only one that lost her memories. Maybe its a side effect after trying to protect the kingdom and making sure we travel safe to this place.
*sees me* "its almost time to go, have you finished getting ready?"

Me: *stares blankly* "what did you just say?"

Alexa: "Its almost time to go to school, are you done getting ready?"

Me: "no, I mean almost but what did you said before that?"

Alexa: "I didn't said anything."

Me: '' Are you sure, you didn't said anything about me?"

Alexa: *confused* Like what?"

Me: "ah, nothing. I thought you said something but it might of being my imagination."

Alexa: "perhaps, you heard what I was...."

Me: "well look at that its time to go to school. Lets go Al I don't want to come across those trouble makers at school." * leaves the room*

Alexa: * looking happy and lost at the same time* "You finally remembering."
*runs out the room*

At school:
Alexa: " I have to go ahead of you. I have to meet the director today about some paper work that we haven't turn in yet."

Me: " okay, I'll just take my time than."

Alexa: *leaves*

why is that I can hear what people are thinking. Is this one of the power that Alexa said? If it is I wonder what else I can do. I knew I was different than everyone else and now I'm starting know it is true. Should I tell Alexa? Maybe she will finally tell me everything. My dreams, in them I could used magic and had a lot od powers. Maybe I do have those powers and with time I will finally have them back. I think its time to find out about what I can not longer remember.
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