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Published by Jay Scarlett in the blog Jay Scarlett's blog. Views: 184

This place, this feeling, everything seems and feels the same. Where is this? This beautiful world. Everything is green and colorful. I dont know much but i feel like i should. I have these flash backs but i know they're not mine. I haven'tbeing the same since i woke up two days ago. Everything is so strange, so familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. Just looking around and having someone telling you everything about you, your schedule, the rules, your life, but it does not make any sense why would i forget everything overnight. Furthermore, i know stuff that no one else does and i feel like i was sent here for a reason but something must of had happen during the prosses of me getting here because my memories are all erased. A doing by someone that doesnt want me to do what im supouse to do...but what is it that I'm supouse to do? "Remember. Remenber, Think harder!! You have to remember!!" Thats the voice i hear all the time, somehow i just can't remember anything. The more i try the harder it is.
HIM: "I knew you were going to be here!"
ME: *opens eyes* *sits up*
HIM: " I have heard you lost your memories. And by the look on your face seems is true. You dont remember me either do you?"
HIM: "I see. Well the bell rang and you have to go back to the academy. I already assign somone to help you out and make things a little easy for you. The school knows about what happen during the mission from the people that you snet back to report but they are in a complete shock of what has happen to you and they are determine to help you regain your memories. They think it is not an accident that happen. That someone purposely did that to you or you did it to protect the kingdom. Until then, you have to stay here at the Academy to make sure your protected."

Seems very complicated, as they seem very in a hurry and going as far as to keep me close by to make sure nothing happens to me, to keep me safe. Something really big must of had happen. As much they are very conscious, so am I. I'm more determine to know and I'll do anything to remember it all. Until then I'll be here learning everything from scratch, fighting, defending, evrything.....
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