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Conversation with Angus!!

Published by Elgaisma in the blog Elgaisma's blog. Views: 76

Angus: 'I don't like it when you make me angry with Socrates, I am so over that stuff.'
Charlotte: 'But your readers aren't they need to see how much he hurt you.'
Angus: 'I am just not the kind of character to hold onto bad feelings for six months.'
Charlotte: 'It's not six months in the book it's only a week or two your allowed to be mad still.'
Angus: 'It's nearly six months since you first wrote the stuff I am supposed to be mad about - get the message Charlotte, I've moved on. Am however volcanic with you right now. I don't want to be angry with Soc, he's my brother.'
Charlotte: 'You will be doing what your book tells you to do. What can I do to make this scene palatable to you?'
Angus: 'Any chance Soc and me can make up? And maybe a nice time with Bea after or at least a cake?'
Charlotte: 'If I do that will you behave and do what I ask?'
Angus: 'Hmm OK got yourself a deal, for cake I'll even draw blood.'
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