Corruption, the root of all evil: Part-II

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Continued from Part –I

Another case in point is the son of a poor farmer from a state affected by militancy. Everyday it is a struggle for survival for the farmer’s family. The boy was very good in academics with a brilliant engineering mind. He was an all-round performer be it in sports, cultural activities or academics when he was at Sainik School. He could not pursue engineering due to their economic condition. Nevertheless he went on to complete a Bachelor degree in science. He was unfortunate to graduate at a time when militancy was at its peak in the state. There were hardly private sector companies that have set up offices in the state and getting job in the government sectors is like hitting the jackpot because of rampant corruption. In such situation when all roads of survival are closed and his dream of living a decent life is dashed he had only one option i.e.; joining one of the revolutionary groups’ active in the state because many youths like him have become soft targets for militant activities. The fate of the boy is not the focal point of this illustration but it is about the highly educated unemployed youths like him who have deviated from the mainstream because of hopeless situation. The point here is 1) After completing a master or bachelor degree in a stream how can people expect a youth to work as manual labor ploughing fields or working at contract sites? 2) Why would a youth not revolt against the state if his hard work to excel has gone down the drain? 3) Do a youth need to hold a master or bachelor degree to work as manual labor?

Many upright officials, who tried to fight against the powerful and the corrupt system, either got killed or they themselves got entangle in the rot. People cannot expect these officials to fight against the system with their hands tied. Therefore, many more people like Anna Hazare, the agent of change are really needed to bring about a quantum shift in the whole system to eradicate corruption.
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