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could it be...

Published by Jay Scarlett in the blog Jay Scarlett's blog. Views: 186

For some reason I just can't seem to move toward school. I think it has been ten minutes since I'm just starring at the school gate entrance. *hears voice getting closer* Oh boy! I know those voices. They the school bullies and for what I have seen them doing to others including me too. *starts walking away, around the school* I'll just try to avoid them like always, just hope they don't notice and follow me. I have let them have their way too much and from today onwards I doubt I let them. Things are changing too fast for some reason and I feel like it shouldn't be this way. I wonder if there going to be some consequences. I'll have to start preparing for anything good or bad. I have never been at the back of the school. It looks better than the front gate. It feels peaceful, really quiet. I think I have found my new get away place. I wish I could stay here instead of going to class. But I cant I made a promise I'll try to do well in school and not get in trouble. Mm... Who did I promised to? I hate this. I don't know what's worse not knowing who I truly was or trying to remember everything. I'm afraid to find out. I feel like I made myself forget everything for a reason. What could be the reason? or who? *yawn* I'm feeling really sleepy. Well look at that tree, it looks perfect to take a quick nap under it. Just hope no one comes and sees me or wakes me up. *falls asleep*

In a dream:

Is that me sleeping under that tall, round, beautiful pink tree? I looks like it is but how am I seeing this? OH who is he? Tall but I cannot see his face clearly. That body of his! Wow, I can see that he keeps himself in shape. Not too muscular and not skinny either. In a way just right. Goddamn! Oh wait... why is he getting closer? Is he going to lay down next to me? *blush* I can't see his face that clear but I can tell his smiling and that sweet smile. Seems if his looking at his love one. Lucky her. Lucky her?? But that is me!! Could he be my, my, *clears throat* my beloved? No, no it cannot be right I mean I'm He seems one od those guys that are really handsome and popular. I don't think a guy like that would like me that way as a friend yes but more I don't think so. Yup, that's all it is. *looks closer* What is he saying? I can't hear or tell a word. *gasps* He just KISSED me! I seriously don't know what to do but it seems it don't matter if I do something or not. It looks someone else is coming. who could it be this time? Another handsome fella? *smiles* Wow look at this one ab out the same seems a bit different though. His aura looks like... *looks at the tree* The tree seems more beautiful, with more color. And the small flowers they look amazing! I know this tree it is one of my favorites. Cherry Blossom. But it is not any ordinary Cherry Blossom. I kind of feel connected to it. Somehow. *trying to reach the tree*

Voice 1: What do you think you are doing?

Me: *jumps* *turns around*

Voice 2: Why do you care? And its non of your business so turn around and go the way you came.

Voice 1: Because I care and I'll make it my business.

Voice 2: Why don't you just go back and leave her alone. She doesn't need you. Because of you a lot of bad things have happen to her.

Voice 1: And you think I don't know that! I care about her the same as you do. I just can't help it okay. All I want to do is be near her. At least that's what I have been doing even if its from afar.

Voice 2: You know she's falling for you. I know her all my life and she's falling for you. she doesn't want to but she is. Slowly but she is. You know you two can't be together.

Voice 1: I know that. That's why I have been taken my distance. I don't want her memory of that night come to light.

Voice 2: I know what you mean. I still can't shake that off of my head. I bet you are the same. But for her to remember that boy and that night, it will like living it again and to awaken that power. She couldn't control it then. All she has to do is hide her true power and try to not stand out. In a way she feels like a fugitive running, hiding but from those that seek power and from those that want it for evil. She knows what she has to do. she doesn't know why or how it happen. I just hope we can continue having a so call peaceful live.

Voice 1: *looks at her/me*

*Bells ringing*

Voice 2: Lets go before she wakes up.

They both leaving. I wonder what they were talking about. hmmm..... What did he meant by that night?

*bells ring again*

Voice: You have to wake up and go to class now. Soon you'll know of that night. So make sure to remember and wake up. Wake up

*turns to look*

Can you see me? But how? The others couldn't though!

Voice: No they could not see you or hear you. But I am different. And you have to wake up and go to class you're already late. We both are. *Smiles and walks away*

Wait who are you?

I am you.

Me! How can that be? wait *trying to reach her* Don't go yet, I have questions. Everything fading away!
What is that noise and that voice.

*opens eyes*
*gets up quickly*

Me: Shit I told you to wait!!

Guy: You haven't say anything and I was just doing you a favor okay.

Me: *blush* Oh no, sorry I, I wasn't talking about you I mean to you. My bad I guess that I was sleep talking. *looks at him* *Blushes more* * turns away* Do I know you?

guy: No You don't know me and we are late to class. Which pretty much I don't care about it but I guess you might a little maybe.

Me: Oh damn! I am late!! I got to go, Thanks for awaking me.
*Runs off to class*

Guy: I guess she hasn't remember everything yet. Guess I'll have to wait a bit more my beloved.
*he smiles sweetly*
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