Creating names in the Fantasy genre

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*busts a cap*


Oh--My--God. I'm so sick of some of the fantasy names that I've been reading. Listen, I know they can't be something out of the ordinary from the world. But come on. Make them pronounceable and reasonable to your story. Check some of these out that I've read in a single chapter of someone's work.


- I instantly thought of the Pokemon named Vaporeon as soon as I saw the character's name. Aside from this, look up the name on Google. Quite interesting, really. A day when the whole of Finland is drunk.

- A parody name of the word "Listen"?

King Gadwalader
- First pronunciation that came to my mind was "God's wallop". I don't even know why, but this name is somewhat absurd enough to be that.

- Not necessarily a bad name for the fantasy genre, but it's becoming too overused as a name. I wouldn't mind a remodel of the name, such as: Saij or Saihj. Something...different. Some fantasy names are just becoming cliches. Majorly.

- I bust out laughing at this one. Pronunciation in my mind: Such-a-gay-lia'. LMAO. Who wouldn't laugh at that? One of the poorer names in the fantasy realm.

- I don't know about this one. Every time I read it I think of this ugly ogre. "Me Takvor. Me want to thump you on head." Ugh.


Okay, enough of those, even if there are more. My mind was threatening to explode just to make me stop reading all of them.

What I'm getting at is, think about the names you're going to use. Sure, you can pull some out of a black hat and slap it on a character's forehead. But make sure it fits or the reader won't want to lob the character off of a bridge with sharp rocks at the bottom.

Names define people. Think about you being that character. Would you want to grow up in life knowing your name sounded like a black person saying, "Such a gay lia'"? No offense, of course. I'm friends with a lot of black people, and every time I make fun of one person's phrases, he says, "I'm black, it's who we talk, aight?" Cracks me up, but whatever.

Well, that's all about names on my part.
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