Creative Writing Exercises

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Ever have one of those moments when a particular piece of writing seems daunting and overwhelming? That the plot just doesn't flow right and you're having trouble seeing how it comes together? Yeah, I've been having one of those moments for a long time. The trick is snapping out of it, with which I haven't had much luck.

Been meaning to try and find some simple creative writing exercises to get the flow going again. Haven't really had a lot of luck with that either. I used to do some text based RPing (more collective storytelling with others than D&D type stuffs), but I quit because I didn't have the time for it and it was draining my creativity to the point where I ran out of energy when it came to book writing. Still, maybe I should pick it back up... Or maybe do some short story fanfiction... Just something to keep my creativity active and my writing dust-free.

I need to find something soon...
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