Darkkin Mar 16, 2015
There is one point I would like to differ with you on in this. Your style is the tone in which you present your work. It is in essence, your voice. Yours, from what I've gleaned is informal and frank. Look at your line: I can't explain that, it just happens. That is a prime example of style, your style, coming through.

What you're trying to do with the Bold subjects, well, that would be format, not style. You are merely highlighting the subject, not bringing emphasis to indicate emotion, internal thought, or tone. It seems like you're trying to make sure that your readers can't possibly miss what the paragraph is about. If you need to do this for personal reasons to stay on point as you write I can understand it. But there is a flipside to this.

The only other time I have seen this type of formating is with worksheets while in school. These bolded sentences were explaining what it is we were learning about. It is an elementary teaching tool. And this is where the but comes in: Writers, like most people, can be egotistical. In all honesty, we are probably even more so because we are artists of a sort. We value our creativity and intellect.

Having a subject highlighted in bold is on par with those worksheets, disregarding the reader's own ability to discern the subject. There is no faster way to offend or alienate a reader than to assume that they won't understand. People are, by their very nature, problem solvers. We seek intellectual stimulation; it is why we read, write, or create...Don't take your readers or your own writing for granted. Leave the bold highlights for the rough drafts.

All the best,
-- Darkkin, the Tedious