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Published by kehl in the blog kehl's blog. Views: 61

I have to admit that i'm not taking the critisizm as well as I should. Just recently have I really started sharing my work. Work I have been holding for years and years. Highly personal stuff. It kind of sucks to think that someone would dislike something so close to you.

By no means am I mad, nor will I discontinue posting my stuff. For now though I'm just going to check out the other sections and critique what I can of other writers' work.

I think a harsh word or two will set me straight. As long as I get credit where credit is due. Something I must strive for, eh? Perhaps this is why I'm in college, to learn. Not to show how good I am at writing. Same applies here. I shouldn't post in the review section if I don't want to here the entirety of it, bad or good.

'preciate it fellas. Thanks.

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