Cross- Rhodes

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So I kind of just do short emotional monologues... They honestly sound like a brooding teenager, but I was curious... So if anyone reads this, be harshly honest. Thanks :D

Loops eloquently conjoined, conceal the truth behind the facade of inadequacies as revealed in the purest expression of love. The sinner is one with the world and the sins are but a scratch on the surface to be concealed by the lies of false hope. The restrains on the soul constrict the basic needs of interaction.The body, gasps for the unreconcilable desire. The animal within irks the conscience who is constantly forming the invisible walls of limitations. The extension of the neck, as required by the one who loves unconditionally and controls existence, becomes the most burdensome and costly as the love transitions to doubt and fear. The cross that was so trustworthy before longs for its new servant as the old questions it's validity and motives by only doing right in the name of "love." Damn the cross for it's unquenchable search and it's demeaning function on society.
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