cruelty to characters

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Have you seen a movie called 'stranger than fiction?' Very meta. It's about an tax auditor who's going through a midlife crisis. He starts hearing a narration in his head over what it is he's doing. Not all the time but sometimes. He chases down the voice to a british author who only writes really good fiction where the main characters die (after he spends half the movie finding out if his story is tragic or comic.) It turn out her new book she's been working is about a tax auditor going through a midlife crisis. She's finishing the second to last chapter and he shows up at her place and reality pretty much breaks down. Then she must decide to finish the novel as she wanted and kill him off for the good of the story which is her best so far, or write in his happy ending and make it not so good... Not to mention her wondering about the school teacher she's killed off, and the dentist, and the salesman...

So just think about that next time youu have your MC tied to a stake in some psycho's basement with thier eyelids burnt off.
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