Crystal City: Tabithas Rescue chapters 4-6

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Chapter 4

slowly tom slipped into a long deep coma, and while he was in the coma he had that dream the one he was having before. This time it was different it was more realistic, it was like he was actually there. He could see himself as before, he couldn't. Just like before he heard the scream but this time something different happened. A map appeared in his hand and a message on that. It read 'sorry I had to put you through that just to get you hear tom, but it was the only way I could 'cos you didn't believe. You must believe tom . Or you cant save me. Please help tom. i need your help.' then the message vanished. Tom realized that the only way the queen was gonna be saved is if he saved her himself.
Tom was walking for what seamed hours following the map it was if he was walking round in circles but then in the distance he could see a glow. 'Ive found it' he said and he started running but it wasn't getting any closer.' then another message appeared. ' don't run, it just gets further away' he then chuckled to himself and walked towards the city and to his amazement. It was a matter of seconds before he was at the city walls.
Once he was at the city walls he thought to himself ' how on earth am I meant to get over that' then some bricks started glowing like a keyboard.'ah theres a password' he said to himself. Soon after, a message came up saying 'Please enter name here' so he did and to his surprise part of the wall vanished to let him in.

Chapter 5

As he walked through the magical kingdom he realized he recognized it. From a book, 'errrrm, the lost kingdom, thats the name of the city, the lost kingdom.' And from then as he walked through the city he believed less, and less, and less. Until there was nothing but darkness. And then a voice 'Tom help me, I need you to believe, please tom, yes its a book but it doesn't mean its not true. Please tom believe.' so he did and when he was in the kingdom he was outside the city walls again, this time they seamed different though. As if they didn't want to let tom in. like bouncers at a night club telling the under aged to go home. They leaned over him like colossal trees in the amazon rain forest. He typed in his name in and once again the wall vanished before him and he walked in, but this time it looked different, the houses were tall and thin, and made of all different types of crystal, rose quarts, amethyst, topaz and most of all; diamond. It looked amazing. With houses to the left and right lined up in perfect rows with a path going straight down the center, through the palace court yard and leading to the palace doors.
Inside the palace court yard there were again more houses but these ones were, errrrm different, they had gardens, and in the gardens were flowers but the odd thing was that they were two made of crystal, you could tell what flower they were because of the shape and colour but they looked ten times more beautiful than in the 'real world' as that is what the local citizens called earth. They all ran up to him because they new he was different but they looked the same, the citizens of the lost kingdom (also known as the crystal city) looked just like humans. They looked the same, they live the same, and believe it or not they also had the same religions. There were synagogues and churches, temples and shrines but the only difference to earth is that all religions live in peace and harmony.
As he walked down to the palace another message appeared on the map it said ' go to no. one thousand one hundred and eleven, he knows your coming' so tom did and believe it or not the man Dexter new he was coming.

Chapter 6

At Dexter's Tom sat down, had a cup of coffee and a slice of cake while Dexter told him about what had happened to queen Tabitha. He said ' basically, the evil sorcerer Randell wants to become king so has kidnapped queen Tabitha and is holding her hostage till she hands over here title as queen, he has taken every magical possession away from her so she cant even magic her way out' tom was confused, 'how has she been sending me those messages then and Dexter replied 'oh I forgot to tell you she can write any message on any thing with her mind, even if she doesn't know where it is.'
tom was told his job was to fight Randell and free the queen but he didn't know how as he was only 13 but Dexter told him that he can do anything if you put your mind to it.
This is where the story really begins. First dexter fitted tom's magic proof Armour (which looked like a t-shirt and jeans to you and me) which had room for a wand , some fairy dust and of course the most important, a real of fairy string(a mixture of fairy dust and flexie glue stretched so thin you can barely see it, oh I forgot to mention, it is the strongest substance in the known universe) all this fitted onto a belt attached to his jeans.
Then dexter started teaching Tom how to use a wand tom was convinced he couldn't do it as he was just a normal London chap and Dexter looked at him in amazement. 'You mean you don't know' he said
'I don't know what' replied Tom
'that your a changeling, the long lost heir to the thrown of crystal city' explained Dexter. 'yes, when you were a child Randell swapped you with a real world child so you wouldn't be able to over throw him when he cheats his way to being king, then a prophecy was made that 3 weeks before your fourteenth birthday you will come to our lost kingdom and rescue Queen Tabitha from the evil sorcerer. You cannot brake the prophecy tom you can't.'
It took some time in-fact 3 days for tom to get his head around the fact that he was a prince and next in-line for the thrown as well as being magic but as soon as he did he realized that he had to do his job.
Shortly afterwards his wand lessons started again.'Shamus your lamus' chanted Tom, trying to get his head a around the spell and wondering why its not working. ' flick the wrist Tom be one with the wand.' they both chuckled quietly and Tom tried the spell again and this time with the flick of the wrist and tadaa he could control Dexter and all his limbs separately. 'I think thats enough for today don't you?' said Dexter while Tom lowered him the floor. 'I think your right.' Replied Tom.
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