Crystal City: Tabithas Rescue

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This is my first propper blog, I really want to pollish this up and lenghten it as I want to submit it into an online magazine I know. This was origonally titled the innocents race, but I changed the ending and the title didn't fit.
heres chapter 1, 2 + 3

Chapter 1
Nothingness as far as the eye could see. where was he? Then he heard screaming, as if someone was shouting for help, he started running faster and faster and faster. Then suddenly, he stopped. He was there, at the wall. It was so tall, taller than you could ever imagen and he stood there, wondering what to do next.
Then heard heard it again, the screaming, it wouldn't stop. But how did he get in. he couldn't climb over and there wasn't a door. So he walked round and round the perimeter of the wall trying to find an entrance. After about ten laps he stopped and collapsed against the wall and he heard a crack surly his weight wouldn't of broken the wall.
The walls started moving, sliding apart to make a door he looked through them and saw a magical city but as he took a step forward the view started to change from that magical view to the sight of a dusty old room. He could see a woman, and a man. He couldn't quite see as the man was in the way but it looked as if he was torturing her with magic or something like that then he said, 'I Randell, evil sorcerer of crystal city, will be king and you Tabitha will be nothing but a mere slave of my fortunes. Mwah ha ha ha ha.' What was he talking about.
'Tom, Tom.' he heard some one shout. He ignored it and kept listening, but then it happened again. He started walking to the man and woman and he slipped over making a load of noise but the couple didn't bat an eyelid, it was if they couldn't see or hear him. 'Tom, wake up Tom, its time for school.'
He was awake. It was only a dream so he got ready for school and left.

Chapter 2

Night after night Tom would have this dream and he started to change. The changes were not noticeable at first but after a few weeks he started to become arrogant, ignorant and very argumentative and his mum was the first to spot his so she confronted him about it and said 'Tom I know you have been through a lot recently with your dad leaving and me having Emma and Kate but if you ever need to talk about things, about what happened with your farther and the stress of school just speak to me.' but this sparked a big argument and he started shouting things like 'you never cared about me,' and 'I wish you were dead.'
His mum calmly walked up to him, sat down beside him and whispered in his ear, 'just hear me out, I'm going to take you to the doctors as I think you not well. I think you have repressed memories or something from when you were younger, you do know you can talk to me, don't you?' Again tom started shouting, calling her every name under the sun and then blurted out,' you know nothing about me, my friends, what I like, don't like, you hate me and you know nothing about my dream!'
As soon as he mentioned his dream he realized what he had done and ran. He ran out of the house and slumped down by a tree on the field opposite his house, he stayed there for hours thinking about how he could cover up what he had said, but nothing came to him. Eventually he walked back and he stayed in his room for the rest of the night.

Chapter 3

The next day on the way to school tom felt something wasn't right. Something in the air, a gut feeling, or just the unusual tension between him and his mum. Know one knew and they still don't today but maybe some day someone will and that would make telling this story a whole lot easier.
Tom was just an ordinary boy, a few mates here and their; family that live close by; that sort of thing. He didn't know it yet but the next few weeks were gonna change his life, forever.
As I said, he kept having this dream. That the queen of a magical kingdom was in trouble. That she was being held captive by an evil sorcerer who was torturing her for some reason. He new that the dream meant something or he wouldn't of felt like this, but know matter how hard he tried to figure it out he couldn't work out what.
The next day Tom's Mum took him to the doctors and per usual it was a waist of time as he opened up to nothing. The weird thing is, the doctor asked him to leave the room so he could talk to his Mum. He listened at the door and while he did, his mum said, 'He blew up at me the other day, he called me all the names under the sun, but thats not him doc' he's not like that. Then afterwards he said, something about a dream, and that I new nothing about it.'
' I can't do any thing about it, he didn't actually say anything to me so for all I know you could be making it up, I'm not calling you a lier or anything but believe it or not it does happen' replied the doctor.
Tom heard someone push a chair a way and walk to the door so he quickly sat down on the floor, leaning against the wall and acted all innocent, even though his Mum new better.
After the doctors tom went out with his mates. They had been playing football for some time but the group soon tired of the game and had wondered in to town. Thick-shakes and chips made up for their excessive activity on the football pitch and now the group slowly strolled in the direction of home.
Suddenly Tom collapsed. His friends fussed around him, trying to find his eppie pen. He could hear his friends shouting at each other but he couldn't do anything. Slowly slipping in and out of conciseness. He woke up and he had no idea where he was, he couldn't move or see, he could just hear people rushing around him and his mum sobbing in the background saying ' my baby boys never going to be the same again.' tom wanted to get up and tell her every thing's gonna be fine but he couldn't and it tore him apart.
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