Current works in progress

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Sagas of Aether: The Ares Saga Book I: Revolution (Novel)- Currently almost half done the first draft.
Themes - Love (both family/friend kind and romantic), Betrayal, Honor, Loyalty, Blurring the line between Good and Evil
Rating: R - Sex, violence, rape, disturbing scenes

Sagas of Aether: Prey (Novellete) - Still in the idea phase
Themes To Be Announced
Rating: Probably R

Sagas of Aether: Akio Saga (Novellete) - Just started writing it.
Themes - Protecting your family, the line between soldier and savage, Race/Ethnicity
Rating: PG 13 possible R - Violence

Sacrifice (poem) - finished, currently waiting for a responce from Strange Horizons.
Themes: Love (family kind as opposed to romantic), giving your life for someone
Rating: E - alright for all ages

The Horizon (poem) - finished, currently waiting for a responce from Strange Horizons
Themes: Ambition, Conquest
Rating: E - alright for anyone
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