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Hmmm...I guess it's not all that important of a thing to write, but today I officially broke ground and wrote the first paragraph of my story... and I found myself wondering, will I really sit down and invest the time it takes to write and plan and edit and make this idea in my head a tangible reality? And if I do, will it possibly compare to other great books like Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" or the current "Game of Thrones" craze? I always get that writer's high where at any moment I'm just carried away in an instant of rabid inspiration and I can't stop writing or thinking, but then I get burn-out and all I want is some distance.

I think the things you are meant to do you do regardless. the world could have ended, and I could be in my basement, trapped with no food or water, pieces of the ceiling falling down around me in darkness, and at some point...I would begin to write. It wouldn't be world-shattering or crowd pleasing, but it would be natural- an instinctive part of me.

If there is one thing I would want to do in life, it is tell a great story. a remarkable, ground-breaking, landmark story like charles dickens "Bleak House". Not sure if I will ever complete this or not, but for myself, I'll just leave my affirmation as a footnote in time

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