CyberSEXmurder #Language'n'shit

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"What do you want to feel?"

"Just normal stuff."

"Come on. No one want's normal stuff. You wouldn't be here if you wanted normal stuff."


"Come on, big girl, tell me what you want!"

"Kill someone."

"Yeah, and?"

"I... Do it... Do it sexily."

"You got it, baby." Cutting the connection is like dropping a half-weight dead-lift halfway up. "God, these teenagers are so fucking stupid." I have to grope the shard-launcher between my legs to remind myself I'm alive.

"That's what an open invite gets you." Sara dips her foot in the liquid rubber, coating the last of her body in the energy resistant coating.

"You need a sugar momma." Kara slips her shooting sleeve over her right arm. "None of these scabs scraping for a quick fix." Her breasts perk as she wraps the straps strategically for maximum tightness/sex appeal.

"Quite, bitches!" Pilot yells from the front of the dropship. "Final approach wrapping up, and I can barely hear myself cumming up here."

"Shut up!" Mara cackles. "Like you aren't just rubbing it out on autopilot up there, prissfit."

"Enough." Squad-leader's command skull-fucks our brains into obedience. "Final prep." She yells.

I check my own gear. Weapon on crotch, rubber dry and tight around legs and torso, sleeve on. Good and tight. I check my wrist for the mission list, little flecks of light stinging my eyes. Residential structure, fifty floors, breeders and males. Possible, religious terrorists, but it might just be a prankster. Fucking boring.

"Count off." Fifteen sluts count off. Fifteen weapons move from safe, to murder. "Shoot."

The needle stabs into the back of my head, and the visor closes on my face.

Our patrol ship rips along the middle of the glass and concrete monolith, rusty scabs and shattered glass rattling loose. The mag engines jerk and lock our ship like a tick on the underclass income housing. Doors open, I strut out with the six other long-legged sex-bombs in my fire team, ready to kill.

Some ass-wipe homeless shit fires a taser. The quills stick in my fucking tit, but the the drugs and rubber absorb the shock and pain. I focus on our facing movement. Two steps out of the drop ship, left turn towards the trash plastered shithole, heels clacking, hips turni-

Second taser! This one on my abdomen. "Fucking asswi-"

"Shut-up, Xara." Bite me, squad leader. My mask powers on as we face left. I locate the culprit, standing tall in balls, short stature in the midst of so many other cowardly running bitches and cucks. Little teenage fuck, he's staring right at me, expression a mix of hormone arousal and cocky achievement.

Patience. Final facing move; Not a move as much as a final chore. Seven bitches pull seven shard launchers from the holsters across our crotches and we reach over our shoulders. Behind us the drop ship detaches and the engine roars, the interior of shitty wallpaper and poor paint flaking away. We look shit hot.

I rip the full-magazine from my back and slap it into the top of my weapon. My six teammates slink low tactically and begin to advance into the shithole, but I take a knee and aim at little teenage Casanova. Two in the chest, one in the-

"Whoawhoa whoa- hold on, lady." My stomach turns as he throws away the quill launcher and kneels down, submissively raising his hands high above his greasy head.

"You little shit." My finger flutters against the trigger. The drugs say to shoot.

"Calm down, and secure him." Squad-leader says to bitch-out. I approach dick-head slowly, noting how his eyes sway subtly with my chest. "Why don't you fuck him too, jeeze."

Up close, teenie-weenie is an even mix of lanky bone and zit-faced cherub. I could rip off his his goddamn face with my teeth. "Ma'am, I'm done resisting-"

"Shut the fuck up!" Ooh-ho-ho, he's so close. I could totally squeeze the puss out off his pockmarked face.

"Hell, lady, I didn't mean you should kill me."

"... Oh, fucking- What the fuck!?" My outburst is interrupted as my whole squad laughs at the cruel joke the net just played on me today.

"Hell yeah, Xara!" I hate them all. "Suck him off before you cuff him!"

"Sugar momma?! Hell, you got a sugar daddy!"

"Hey." Oh my fuck, who is tapping my ass with her weapon? "Ask him if he's fixed yet."

End #The
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