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It’s funny; I never thought it would turn out this way. Irony some might say, fate says the others. “He had it coming.” Well I probably did. You can only ride in a desert for so long, before your mode of transportation keels over and expires. My mode of transportation; money. It took the length of my life, full of clawing and fighting and corrupting, to earn my way to the top. I always told myself, no matter who goes down, you’ll make it there. Well here I stand, and the heights almost make me dizzy now. It’s much brighter up here than I expected.

Sometimes it’s sad to think all of my efforts lead me here, to this dead end. But I made it here and left everyone that apposed me, on the streets. Fate or irony leads me to the streets with the rest of them I suppose. Where I started. My life has always resembled something; A little seed. Flown from the beak of a bird, it fell to the soil below, and it all started. This seed grew up from the ground. It didn’t just grow, but it thrived, bigger and bigger yet. It grew all of its flower pedals, so astounding the way it just appeared. This flower of mine, you couldn’t miss it. Vibrant success bellowed from my colors. But like all good flowers, it started to droop one day. Just a little, not enough to make a notice. But shortly after that, a foot... A big wandering foot. It crushed my beloved flower, back into the ground, back to where it started. Back to the street. Soon enough I’ll be back to the street again.

Those people who call it irony, so be it. It might have been “unexpected,” But I think not. Failure should never be unexpected, it should be welcomed. Failure is the down to every up. That is why I think it was fate that brought me here to the top. I think its fate that brought me to these lights, oh these pretty lights. I believe it is fate that brought me to this breeze, which blows through my hair. It is fate that brings my toes ever so close. It is also fate that drops me from its beak, from the top. From the edge, only to be re-planted in the streets from which I started. In the hopes to grow once again, but larger than before.
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