Cypress Tree

Published by J.P.Clyde in the blog Locket in my Pocket. Views: 124

Your sin is branching
a branching tree of injustice
and madness

Oh had I have been
a fool to see that
you are not the person
you use too be

In this cold and dead
winter I hear a snap
of the cypress tree

The branches of your
sin are corrupting this world
like thick shadows it strangles
and holds those down

We're lost in your shadow
we're lost in the darkness
you created

The birds no longer sit
upon the cypress tree
Where we as children had
made such fool hardy promises
that we would always be together

Now the branches of
your sins are to much
too great

I had held a gun to your
temple twice before
Oh had I been foolish to
spare you those times
But I thought a gun would change
the error of your ways

Or at least scare you of
Can you hear it?
The snap and the wither
of our old mother the
cypress tree

The sins of your injustice
weigh heavily on my mind
Was it your jealously of following
my footsteps that had morphed you
into a mad man

I do not know I will
never know because I will
never ask you as I pull the

Now dead
Now gone the path of
darkness that you took
forging footsteps of madness and
darkness I sit on cinder and ash
of our dear old cypress tree
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