Déjà Vu

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Déjà vu is the feeling that something happening now seems to have been experienced before. It’s very common and people are often intrigued how such a thing can be so convincing yet irrational to the mind. The answer is that everything that can ever be known is in its pure energetic state within every body. This is the area of the psyche from which mediums and clairvoyants have intimations of the past and make predictions about the future.

We experience life as sensory beings at the slowest octave of time that is possible. The next level beneath the awareness is the dream world, which operates at a swifter time rate since physical forms are no longer a restrictive element. When waking from sleep, dreams are often elusive and difficult to remember. This is because the mind is an instrument of the past, whereas the dream state oscillates closer to the present. To recall a dream, it’s necessary to be as still as possible and consciously refrain from wanting to remember. Then, if the dream has any value beyond the level which dissolves much of the tension of daily living, it will surface to the awareness and be recalled.

People apprehend déjà vu as being strangely familiar since, in that other place out of existence, our entire life has already happened. This of course is a description of eternity, where everything that ever could be was created and finished in that one original moment. The echo of eternity is within the body, the tingling sensation that is always vitally present. Déjà vu is the recognition in the moment of what’s already done, but has yet to be lived in the sensory world. We experience life as a multiplicity of being, although the mind is dismissive of many of these finer perceptions. As psychic beings, our range of experience is immeasurable compared to the mind’s rationality, which normally keeps the inner mystery at a distance.

Déjà vu is an effect of an inner opening of the psychic system that releases an inrush of timeless plasma. This interrupts the normal transmission of reality to the brain and momentarily gives an extra depth of perception and significance to life. In these moments life, as an amalgamation of past and future, is perceived as two aspects of existence happening simultaneously. Schizophrenics have the same perception, but are exposed to a far greater inrush of timeless energy which is often impossible to contain.

Although déjà vu is a random happening, it does demonstrate a remarkable aspect of the mystery behind existence. It’s an opportunity given by life for a brief window into something incredible, which is always productive in reducing the distance between then and now. Just as in the dream world, it’s best to have the experience and let it go. In this way, space is made for life and love to come once more; but always in the immediacy of the moment.
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