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Damn Roommate...

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 87

How to piss someone off because they pissed you off... depends on how close to them you are. If your source of irritation is your roommate or someone who happens to share the same household as you, allow yourself a moment to giggle as you think of them freaking out from something you did.

Or better yet, why imagine...

Simply wait till they are the shower, sneak in the bathroom, and rub a fresh onion on his towel. They can shower five times after that, but it's kinda like blood alcohol content...it's only going away with time.

There's also the replacing the shampoo of theirs with elmers glue. If you want them to be confused for a while, go a step further and buy food coloring that looks like the shampoo and mix some of the shampoo in it for that shampoo smell. Either way, the results are hair raising...
  • Kontrast
  • mugen shiyo
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