Dark Smiles

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Author's Note: Whether this is a poem, or a carefully worded ramble, I do not know. But I wrote this during a rather depressing region of my life. My past mostly resembles a nightmare, and although I was getting out of my depression slowly, events that had previously happened to me and causing my depression seemed to return, so that is what this post is about. I'm very sorry it's so dark, I no longer feel this anymore. I am overall a rather positive individual. ^.^


Dark smiles.
Faking happiness.
Hiding the scars than run deep in my soul.
My past, once left behind, is catching up.
I'm running, but like a dream, I can't move fast enough.
It's coming to hurt me.
Haunting my nightmares and not letting me free.
The world is changing around me.
I hang onto love, but the surrounding world is darkness.
The abyss and a void.
Feelings and emotions frey beneath my fingers and the cuts run deep.
Deep enough to line the true me with bloodshed and tears.
I have dark smiles.
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