Agreen Oct 29, 2010
Losing your level 18 character is harsh.

My New Vegas character ended up supporting no faction. He was neutral in both allegiance and alignment. He specialized in energy weapons, science, and lockpicking.

He wore power armour stolen from the NCR, and a desperado cowboy hat. Flamers were his theme weapon, until a chance encounter introduced him to the beauty of the heavy incinerator. He also made frequent use of his trusty Laser RCW, which alas ran out of ammo in the final battle.

His name was Santo Gold, and he had golden muttonchops.

PS. The game is excellent, I enjoyed it far more than Fallout 3- the world is smaller, but it is fuller and more lived in. And you actually have a good number of choices as to how the finale will play out. I was very satisfied with my ending.