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Well, someone suggested I write this letter. So I have.

Dear You.

Do you remember me? I sure hope so. If not, well, let me remind you. I was your best friend. Do you remember the day we met? I do. I was your first love. Do you remember our first date? First Valentines? First kiss? I do. I was always there. Do you remember the night you decided life wasn't worth living, and I reminded you of all you had? Do you remember the nights I stayed up all night for you? I do.

You were my constant. Do you remember when you would call every day, just because you could? You were my riding partner. Do you remember when we would ride for hours, and be gone all afternoon? You were my adventure. Do you remember all the trouble we got into? You were my comfort. Do you remember the times you held me when I cried? You were my strangth. Do you remember how you pulled me out of my shell? You were my bargain shopper. Do you remember spending hours in wal-mart with no money to spend? You were my future. Do you remember our plans? I know it was foolish, but don't you remember? You were my truth. Do you remember how you always told me what was on your mind?

Dud you know that I thought you cared? Did you know how angry I was when others couldn't accept you for who you are? Did you know you made me feel beautiful? Did you know that I trusted your every word? Did you know how you crushed me with it? Did you see how hard it was to put everything we had into a box? Did you know I had to give up your necklace because it made me cry at night? Did you know how I cherished it?

Do you know that I still think of you every day? Do you know the sound of your voice makes my heart soar? Do you know that the thought of your touch still gives me butterflies? Do you know that I will always love you? Just because you're you?

But I can't be in love with you. I won't let you hurt me anymore. I pray that the wounds heal. I want you to know, I will always care about you, and you will always have somewhere safe with me. I wish you the best. I hope you find someone else to love you as thoroughly as I do. I hope you don't hurt them like you did me. I want you to know that I forgive you. But don't be surprised if I don't make an effort to come see you. Some things are just too hard.

I wish you the best.
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