Dearly Departed, Have You Forgotten?

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You woke up one day,
and forgot.
I hope you go to sleep,
and remember.
I wish for you to remember,
what it was,
you had forgotten.
I try and forget,
the times you've forgotten.
And focus on remembering,
everything you wish you had remembered.
I don't want to remember,
the times you've forgotten.
But I want to remind you,
that it's okay to forget,
how to remember,
how to forget.
I think of the times you've tried to remember,
but almost forgot how,
and then remembered again.
I want to remember,
that day you forgot,
the day I remembered,
that time you forgot.
But I can't seem to remember,
what I forgot,
and what you remembered.
I would say something more meaningful,
but it seems that I have forgotten,
how to remember,
what it was,
that I had forgotten.
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