Death and sleep

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To die is just like being asleep I'd imagine, but you never wake up, never have to worry about the next day, work, bills needing to be paid no responsibilities. Well, the only real duty which we have no control over after life has ceased to exist would be to decompose and give back to the Earth.

When you are not engaged in R.E.M. sleep, you just sleep whether that's restful or restless, that's it, it's dark no thoughts or actions going on in your conscious thought. Death seems welcoming. The act of dying, however, seems to be what gets people.

Are you afraid to die, or are you afraid of how you will die?

This is common amongst people. I'm prepared to die at any given point, I don't mind if I simply cease to exist. A worry free stress-free task, to rot away. It seems like a good gig to have sure there's no interaction no laughter no colors or sounds it's just like being asleep or going under the knife for surgery no recollection of what occurred.

I love to sleep, most do for the reason mentioned above. What do you worry about when you are actually sleeping unless you are dreaming, the answer is nothing.
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