Decay Prologue

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This is a story I started before Nephilim that takes place in the Nephilim universe, just in its modern day equivalent. Enjoy!

The demon was nailed to the wall, his arms, legs, and chest all pierced with silver swords coated in black blood. His head hung low, and his breaths were slow and shallow. Blood seeped between his teeth and dripped onto the floor.His ash-gray face was stained with tears that flowed from his black eyes. What little of his white robes remained was torn and hung in tattered remnants.

A bright, white blur stood directly before the dying demon, who looked more human than monster. It was an angel. An archangel. But the demon was too far dead to see any of its features clearly. The demon sobbed as a woman's head was rolled out in front of it. It had been severed at the neck. Her blond hair and green eyes looked up at the demon lovingly, sorrowfully, or at least that was how the demon saw it.

"Do you see, Samiel? This is the fate that awaits all of your kind. I will hunt down all of your children, all of your brothers and sisters, and I will erase all of you. Once I am done with you demons, I will bring the apocalypse and cleanse the Earth. Humans have had more than enough time to redeem themselves for what they have become, and they have failed. The universe will be purified," the angel spoke in a soft, laughing voice. The divine instrument of God was more evil than that which it sought to destroy.

"Lilith... Bring back Lilith... I loved her... Don't take her away... Please give her back... Michael, please give Lilith back..."

"How pathetic." And with those words the angel cut Samiel's head off, letting it fall next to the one he loved.
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