Decline of the Harry Potter Games...

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I've just rented "Half-Blood Prince" for the Wii. Not too bad, but when I checked out "Deathly Hallows P1", I was horrified. It's basically a FPS but instead of guns, its wands.

W-what has happened here!? Let me recap the Harry Potter games.

Socerer's Stone- I played this back on the first Playstation. During this time, I was new to videogames and had little patience to beat it. It was a good game, though.

Chamber of Secrets- I loved this game. Even though there was no free roam, I still loved going out and flying on a broom whenever.

Prisoner of Askaban- This. This, right here! This is how you make a Harry Potter game! Free roam, able to play as Harry, Ron, and Hermione...I remember flying around Hogwarts on Buckbeak with either Harry or Hermione, exploring the castle multiple times. It almost felt like I was playing a Zelda game.

Goblet of Fire- This is when they started to decline. Level based, and that weird card collection thing...I didn't beat it at all. Stopped playing when I was at the maze level. No longer are you allowed to fly outdoors whenever you wished.

Order of the Phoenix- An improvement. Free-roaming returns, but sadly I can't play as the trio, only as Harry. At least I can play wizard's chest.

Half-Blood Prince- Again, can only play as Harry. Quittich is rail-roaded like in CoS. There's really no sense of exploration. It feels more like "Go from point A to point B."

Deathly Hallows P1- I don't think I want to play it. The game where Harry and co are pretty much wandering around the wizarding world/Muggle UK, EA let everyone down. I was hoping Bethesda would've taken over, but apparently not. :( I imagine the second half will be just like the first one.

I'm just sad that this is how EA chooses to finish the Harry Potter series. :( It's like they just went "Y'know, screw it! We've been doing this since the days of the Playstation! Let's just get it over with!"
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