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Demon Story Soundtrack

Published by Kirvee in the blog Kirvee's blog. Views: 272

Edit: new song (that's actually not dark-ish for once)

I guess this is what tends to happen when you listen to too much music while letting a plot incubate.

I won't give any details, but the following songs I've listened to (and like) seem to fit portions of the plot and/or characters. If you want to listen to a song, Youtube it. These are also NOT in the order that they might be if they were "following the plot".

Hand of Sorrow -- Within Temptation

All I Need -- Within Temptation

Those Nights -- Skillet

Falling Inside the Black -- Skillet

Cadence of Her Last Breath -- Nightwish

Whoever Brings the Night -- Nightwish

Monster -- Skillet

The Last Time -- Within Temptation

Blue Eyes -- Within Temptation

Destroyed -- Within Temptation

A Dangerous Mind -- Within Temptation

Dead Inside -- Skillet

Awake and Alive -- Skillet

It's Not Me It's You -- Skillet

Sometimes -- Skillet

Forgiven -- Skillet

No More -- Three Days Grace

Life Starts Now -- Three Days Grace

Frozen -- Within Temptation

Take My Hand -- Simple Plan

From Heads Unworthy -- Rise Against

Long Forgotten Sons -- Rise Against

It's The Fear -- Within Temptation

Deceiver of Fools -- Within Temptation

Even In Death -- Evanescence

How Did I Fall In Love With You -- Backstreet Boys

Forever You -- Evanescence

Surrender -- Evanescence

Supernatural -- Flyleaf

Justice and Mercy -- Flyleaf

There For You (Album Version) -- Flyleaf

Breathe You In -- Thousand Foot Krutch

E for Extinction -- Thousand Foot Krutch

Watching Over Me -- Thousand Foot Krutch


Naturally, there might be more added if I happen to hear another song that I think fits in with the plot in my head.

I wonder how many songs I'll find. This is getting pretty big o-o.
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