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This is how I came to meet him
I was doing time for a minor crime
He was in my cell I could tell
And this is when I came to see him

This is how I came to know him
I lived my life through a torrent of strife
Faith to me never seemed to be
Belief in something other than me
Pain it seemed was all that gleamed
And this is when I came to believe in him

This is when I came to hear him
In my ear his words were clear
Make them feel your pain is real
With knife and gun have your fun
Play my game and make your name
Flesh is flesh and bone is bone
Turn your soul a darkish tone
And this is how I came to feel him

This is how I came to honor him
Serial was my new name, oh how I learned to play his game
Cool and collected my victims I selected
Their life a casualty of my shimmering knife
Yes Adams sons falling victim to my guns
And Eves daughters all mine to slaughter
And how I came to show my praise for him

How I came to trust in him
My demise was the man in blue’s big prize
In the end my soul did descend
With a soul of stone I sat upon my new throne
Heat at my feet and sin to my chin
In a world bent on vice and devoid of all things nice
I looked over my court a motley sort
It was no surprise right before my eyes
A judge, a senator, a priest and a barrister
A bishop and a king what did this all mean
Was it a whisper in their ear that brought them all here
What will you do when I whisper to you
This is how I became him
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