Desire of the Soul. Graphic novel Written by John hillier And graphics by The amazing April Harrett

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"Dad, your arm! You're bit" said jack. "Jack, I'm sorry, I didn't know how to tell you. People began to circle around the three men. The man turned around, and drop the jacket, "You killed my son for one of them!? He'll be dead anytime now. And you just let him in. What the HELL is wrong with you!? Yelled the man at Jack, "i didn't know, he's my dad." said jack. "NO, he's one of them, and you brought him in here, he's gonna kill us all!" "He man here's my knife." Yelled a man from the crown throwing his knife into the circle. The man between jack and his father picked up the knife, "Kill him!" Chanted the crowd. The man held up the knife, and began to walk towards jack's dad. Jack reaches the back of his jeans and pulls out his .357 Magnum, and puts the barrel on the back of the man's head. "Don't you fucking touch him! I will blow your brains out. I have seen too many people I care about die these past 10 days, I have had to kill 5 people, and I have killed way to many of those things out there. I will be damned if I see my father die too!" yelled jack,
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