Desperately Seeking Literature

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For Christmas I was blessed with a Kindle 2 by some of the greatest friends a fat jerk like me could ever hope to have. I've been wanting this little piece of technology (built specifically for either the eternally lackadaisical or simply the far too neat) since it came out and shockingly I find that I am happy I decided to wait. Apparently there were a lot of problems with previous versions and this one is far better. I have a problem, however... I don't know what books I should buy.

I've downloaded pretty much all of the perennial classics that I adore (for free, hooray for the kindness of bored folk), but now I need novels I either haven't read or haven't heard of. I was thinking of buying The Road, but I am getting slightly sick of dystopian end-of-the-world literature. Metro 2033 was amazing, but I think that was my final straw.

Admittedly I did download the two Mass Effect novels, both of which I love strictly for it being related to Mass Effect. I hear the Dragon Age novels are decent, but I ended up being bored by the game. The same goes for the Arthas book for World of Warcraft. For some reason I am have a strange urge to read as much video game-related novels as I can. I think it's because of my strange addiction to all that is BioWare.

So yeah... I need some advice on some great novels to buy. I'm fairly sure I'll grab The Great Gatsby (I haven't read it and I hear it is a fantastic book) but other than that I have no idea what I will be filling my new piece of awesomeness with. Any advice or tips is greatly appreciated, of course.


P.S.: Merry Christmas!
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