Diet??? >< How about walkies for now?!

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Hey, just went for a walk, only a quick one though. I was getting a little breathless and my heart was beating pretty fast and bad, didn't want to stop but I thought it was best to turn around and go back home. I was out for roughly fifteen to twenty minutes! And I actually jogged, which is why my heart went kaboom! (not litterly!)

Anyways, I'm cutting down on stuff, my junkfood intake has gone down and I'm trying hard not to eat chocolate.

The only problem now is that I'm now hooked on two minute noodles in these pot things (great to take to work...) But anyways, I know they aren't exactly healthy, but I figure, better than hot chips!

Anyways, I will post my 'diet' progress of my loseing weight here in future. I felt pretty uncomfortable about posting it in the lounge but didn't know where else to post it to get a bit of support to my mates. But hey, Blogs are here and I will be posting!

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