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I had a bit of a relapse last week, but only slightly. I think being ill kinda took its toll on me, and I just got depressed with not being able to have chocolate and such. To be honest, what I ate was still filling, healthy and nutritious, but it was just of higher calories than I really want,and if I ate like that all the time then i'd never lose weight!

Still, my body IS looking slimmer! I've been dieting about a month now, and me being a fool I still haven't gotten scales yet! I could've lost an astonishing amount and not even realise it!

On the other hand, I might've lost just a little bit, only it looks like alot. Either way, i'm happy. Also, the sun has come out today and something about that just makes me feel good.

Next on the agenda...I want a bicycle. They're great excersize and fun, especially as an alternative to walking //sighboringsigh//.

Other news:

My friend laura and I enquired about a flat to move into for next year, and was told that there was one available with 3 bedrooms (there is 3 of us moving) RIGHT outside campus, next to the shops and tube station! Hah! how lucky is that?
Apparently there are 3 3rd year girls living there right now which is promising, because if it was good for them, it should be good for us too right? Also, it's within our budget! Hurray!!

Let's hope they don't decide to stay, instead of going home =/ anyway, if we get the place then great, but if not, we can still go back and see what else the estate agents have to offer.

S'all good! :D

Oh, and if anyone's interested, i've decided to start contributing to my wordpress blog again. I put cartoons up there aswell as general blabberings about uni and's just I haven't posted in so long, because some of the content was too sad to read again. :(

Hopefully if I put up cartoons and things, then there will be an actual *reason* for anyone to comment, or even so much as read it. After all, what's so interesting about yet another angsty teen diary? Nothing!

All the best blogs have subjects...mine shall be Uni, writing, and cartoons. Oh, alright...of course there will be angsty rants, but hey, they come with the package!

All for now.

Ash x

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