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different hearts

Published by poisoned_apple in the blog poisoned_apple's blog. Views: 62

i stood there expectantly
he passed it to me then
i didn't think it was a watch
a mug
or parker pen
so many of my questions
had gained so many clues
so when i opened up the box
like i already knew
i paused a moment just before
i opened up my eyes
and pictured then the ring
that i thought lay still inside
a pretty, dainty solitaire
made from yellow gold
there could be nothing prettier
or so i have been told
for there it was when at a glance
i saw there--not a ring
the most peculiar feeling
what i saw right then did bring
a pair of silver earrings
of most peculiar style
sat inside the little box
and left me speechless for a while
not enamoured or in awe
dumfounded by the sight
or dazzled by their twinkleing
beneath the parlours light
i thought of all the clues again
how could i be so wrong
of something i was so sure of
for now so very long
he watched for my expression
one of joy it seemed
but all that i could think of was
is this how much i mean?
two little silver earrings
to express your love so true
i know it would have been a ring
my dear
if i were you.
  • tarnished
  • poisoned_apple
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