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we are new to each other when we first meet,
we are pleasant to one another, small shy smile on our face while i try and keep my cracked heart inside held together from all the bossing, the teasing, the put-downs, the BULLYING.

when you find out that im different, you turn your back to your new supposed 'friend' just like the others.

you then also join in on the bullying,
'come on, help us tease this weirdo,' is what they call me. and so, you bully me.

while this happens, i am crying inside, breaking, tearing, shattering inside. did you hear that sound of breaking glass? that was my heart, it finally braked. are you happy now, now that my glass heart is nothing more than dust?

so what if i am different from you people? so? i'm unique, i'm different, just like every one else. we are all different from one another. so are you going to tease, bully your friends because they are different from you? are you? if you are, you should also bully yourself. there is no other same person as you in the whole world. we are just like snow flakes, there are no two same snow flakes.

so tell me, truthfully, are you going to tease, bully others because they are different from you? even if it means bullying yourself in the action... so what if we are different, i like beoing unique, but, i dont know about you....
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