Digging Deeper

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I recently wrote this and it hasn't gone through any editing. It was inspired by... well not sure but I just had this mental image stuck in my mind.

My goal was to try to give hints and clues as to whats actually happening, but while presenting it as something different. Does that make sense? Anyways this came out.

Digging Deeper by Unit7

Sarah knew it was hidden, somewhere deep and she had to find it. There was nothing more important to the world then needing to find it. As she dug deeper, her breath came labored, chills began to creep through her body. She did not allow this to slow her down, she must find it. If she didn't find it, then it would become a part of her.

She paused for a moment, her hand shaking over the hole, she could hear footsteps. At first they were just a whisper in the air, but they were growing louder. Much louder. She knew the White Coats would come, they always came! Not this time, they won't ruin her plans. She ignored the footsteps and how they tried to loll her to sleep. She shook her head fiercely and continued her work. She could almost feel her glass instrument dig deeper.

When the White Coats passed her room, she smiled a little. God was on her side tonight, God would show her the way to the object! Sarah's breathing became all that more labored, night must have been descending because she could feel the cold bite at her exposed skin. Still she shrugged this off, she wouldn't allow it to hamper her in the slightest.

When the work finally became to much, Sarah felt something sticky. It was dark, could she have found oil? She dropped her glass instrument and began to sniff at it curiously. It didn't smell like oil, it didn't smell like anything she could think of. With her slim index finger, she rubbed against the hole, the substance clinging onto her pale skin. Taking her thumb she rubbed it against her index finger. She brought her fingers towards her lips and poked her tongue out at it, tasting the strange substance. At first the taste was terrible, reminding her of pennies. Then like a little kitty she started to lick at her fingers. Then she heard the White Coats.

She grabbed the glass instrument and quickly began to work again, ignoring the substance she had found. The White Coats didn't pass her by this time. One of them, a young man who was new, peeked through the window. Sarah's back was to the door, but the substance on her lips revealed what she was doing. The White Coat threw the door open and walked around her.
“Stop!” Sarah screamed. “I need to find it!” She thrashed wildly as the White Coat tried to restrain her. He began to shout for help in a frantic way, demonstrating his lack of experience. As the doctors dragged her away, Sarah got one final look of her room.

In the middle of her perfectly white walled room lay a glass shard and a puddle of blood.
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