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Do I have Any Right to be Upset - Also Need to Vent

Published by JPClyde in the blog JPClyde's blog. Views: 248

So between me and this forum, we currently have a trash panda in our house. He's "domesticated" for the most part. His parent was killed by a car and the handler hand reared him, so he's use to people since he was a baby.

He's not our trash panda and definitely after this week I am done, I'd never.

My wife essentially told her friend she'd watch him over the weekend while they went on a vacation. We basically have until the 10th.

But I sort of despise her friend. My wife has been fretting about this damn thing for the last three days its been over. Today my wife was really tired, said she wasn't feeling well, and needed to sleep. So I said all right. She says, "But I have to text So and So to ask her if he'll be okay"

Me "she's not your keeper"

"yeah but if I don't contact her she'll get really worried and start stressing me out because I haven't texted her"

Her friend [we'll go with the letter M for my wife's friend] does this essentially to her all the time. M requires constant contact. You need to immediately answer the phone or else M'll get uppity. M'll think you hate her or something like that. And any time you point out this criticism M gets upset and doesn't seem to want to change her ways.

I told my wife she needs to stand up for herself. And that it doesn't seem like M cares much about her well being at all. I told her she needs to tell M that she will not watch another one her animals ever again if she cannot trust her to do the job right.

But my wife for some god damn reason thinks its okay. Or that she just has to do it. When she doesn't. Its been like this for three days and it pisses me the right the fuck off. Because M is basically manipulating my wife and using her kindness.

And I am uncertain if I should be doing anything about it.
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