Do You Know...

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Do you know?

Why do you know?

Because he said, she said...

Because you looked it up?

They call this the age of information. I disagree. Who can really claim they are informed? The information we receive comes from someone else. Whether we hear it from someone else, read up about it, or watch it on tv, the information that comes to us is the information passed along by someone else. Rather than experience, information seems to be a matter of hearsay because we don't really know anything beyond our personal experiences. We simply trust the information that is presented to us, or the information more in line with our own way of thinking.

Statistics are one of the things that seems to get a bit of a rise out of me. These things are almost malignantly misinforming. Statistics and polls can be altered to fit a persons view point with ease.

Newspapers, blogs, "Official Websites"... We come to look for genuine things really bad these days. So bad that we grab on to the thing that claims and looks to be genuine. The news can't be wrong, right? Well, to put it one way, the age of free press has loooong since past. Why? Because printing the press isn't free.

I really can't prove or disprove that the information we are getting about a great many things is not real info. I'm willing to bet at least half is altered or downright false. I could only say trust your own common sense and your experience. Common sense won't make you a genius, but you'd be surprised how many geniuses- or supposed geniuses- got conned.
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