DOES Eurlo have a Writing Ritual? Find out here....

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When she started first writing her book she had music playing, as to what music she is unsure(it was 4 going on 5 months ago) she does know that when she writes with music her best writing appears on the laptop screen.

Her rituals she follows before writing anything:

-Goes to her kitchen table
-turns on her laptop
-goes to YouTube
-looks up her "Writing" music (which is currently "The Gazette")
-finds a fast paced song to start thinking
-changes songs(by them) according to mood needed or what she wants at the moment
-writes, sometimes for hours, or a day straight(like when she wrote her prologue)

Music that has been part of her
"Ritual" :

~Gotta be somebody-nickleback
~Several songs by Wolfshiem (German, but speaks English)
~The Gazette(most of their songs)(Japanese band, speaks English or Japanese in songs. Other songs, only one language is used)

She has recently been lounging on her couch and finds relaxing with "The Gazette" playing can sometimes make ideas pop up:)(even if she is in a light sleep mode)

She has to have her music or writing just doesn't happen.....she loves writing but is loyal to her Ritual, and requires her table and laptop to finish her requirements:D
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