Does it make me a bad person to hate?

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~Please pay no attention, it's just me ranting.~

I hate people. Most people anyway. If it's not the US racists who want to abolish migration laws thinking there won't be any after effects on the country, then it's that idiot teacher who only answers in shrugs and can't think of anything else but partying and who's face I have to see every morning.

But most of all, I hate teenagers. I see now why fifteen year old girls want to date way older guys, boys their own age are just too stupid! And older guys only date them because they're stupid too!

What is it with teens thinking they're so great and special? They thinking themselves almost adult, and therefore they think they should be treated as adults, but guess what? You're still a kid!!

Teens want adult privileges, but they don't want the responsibilities.

I've noticed in other internet forums that teens have a very high ego level, that doesn't even qualify as self-esteem anymore. Just because they have a 'hobby' such as mechanics, psychology or computers, they think they're experts, I'll accept that some do have a very vast knowledge, but even so, their judgment is impaired by their immaturity. ("I know about this more than you, therefore, I am NOT wrong!")

Not even I like guys my age. The guy I 'kinda' like is 23, but occasionally I really dislike him, mainly because of his tendency to put up excuses or delays (I can see right through his lies).

About two or three months ago I had a minor car accident, the other victim and I called our respective insurance companies and I hit on both the guys they sent, even convinced the one from my insurance to take me eat tacos right then and there (and pay for me), and he was a bit less than 30.

Now I kinda understand why underage girls would want to date and older guy (even if they're stupid enough to get pregnant), so I'll say this a final time.

(Most [myself included])Teens Are Idiots.

(Ahh~ It felt amazing to vent just a little~)
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