Dragon Tattoo

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Yes, I realize that it has been a while since I've posted something on this forum. Life has been extremely busy since school started. This upcoming week we have to send out our first progress reports, so I'm sure I'll be hunkered over my computer at school trying to make the annoying grading software work correctly.

A student of mine loaned me the book Girl with a Dragon Tattoo a few weeks ago, and I have been squeezing in chapters between activities this weekend, driving my husband nuts. The funny part is that last year at school I had an entire conversation about this book with a fellow car-pooler, who definitively did not like it much. Many people have mentioned that it's a "dark" kind of book and talked about his style of writing in a way that made it seem difficult to read.

As I began, however, I was completely and utterly riveted. This is perhaps one of the best crime fiction novels I've read in a very long time, and the characters are so well-rounded and unique. Nobody's perfect, but nobody is a cardboard cutout either. The subplots are equally as fascinating as the main plot right now. I must confess to some level of predictability, but I still have no real idea how it's going to turn out in the end. It's true that there are some grotesque moments of sexual assault in a place or two, but the reason for putting it there is clearly defined by Larsson's integration of statistics concerning sexual assault among Swedish women. It makes the encounters more thought-provoking as pieces of social commentary rather than outlandishly off-base.

In short, I've decided that my car-pooler, (God bless her), must be some kind of idiot for not loving this book! Granted, for those who prefer to avoid any distasteful topics in literature, this book would be a "steer-clear," but for those who appreciate good social commentary and highly intricate plots, this is a winner!
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